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It’s true. Green monsters, green drinks, your salad in a smoothie, these are different words for the same drink that has become all the rave for all the right reasons. While I would prefer to own a Vitamix and make my own greens based energy drink, I am definitely not in a position to whip out $400 plus for a blender.

That being said, a couple of weeks ago I tried my first fruit and veggie based drink powder. I experimented with a few different brands and found a favorite very quickly: Greens Plus. I bought a handful of samples and tried one or two each day. My energy quadrupled and the day I ran out I felt lethargic comparably.

Greens plus is vegan (it does have bee pollen however if that is not included in your diet), gluten-free, and as quoted from the product’s website, it includes “A synergy of 29 nutrient-rich superfoods, sea vegetables and high-energy herbal extracts. One serving of Greens Plus delivers more essential vitamins, organic minerals, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants than 5 full servings of fruits and vegetables.”

At about $25 per 9.4 ounce container, it is less expensive than other competitive superfood brands that cost $40. I would highly recommend it as a pre-breakfast, pre/post workout, and or snack. Not to mention, it curbed my appetite. I added mine to Light Silk Soymilk and loved it! Also thrilled by the copious variety of berries and veggies illustrated below in the supplement chart.

I thought this product was amazing, but what is your favorite? Always looking for   more healthy and delicious options to try.

Author: Alicia Marie

Avid runner, lover of sunshine, adventurer, big dreamer, beginner vegan.

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