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The Balancing Act

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Recently I have struggled to decide between a graduate program in nutrition or medical school for naturopathy. To help me determine my calling, I decided to schedule some shadowing and informational interviews. Today I had the wonderful opportunity of shadowing an incredibly, talented and lovingly recognized naturopathic doctor.

As we wrapped up our morning together with some final questions, I opened some discussion regarding the topic of balance.

I think that balance is a struggle for many of us. How do you balance school with friends (let alone medical school?) And how do you balance your career with your family? How do you implement a healthy diet or exercise regime into a chaotic schedule?

At the end of the day, people seek time over money. More time with their kids, to pursue their hobbies, to watch the game with their friends. This quote by the marvelous Brian Andreas truly encompasses that importance of appreciating the little things:


And thus my infatuation with nutrition. I find happiness and balance in filling the bellies of the people I care for and pursuing a career that will allow me to heal my peers through a different approach.

I understand that naturopaths often offer supplements as an alternative to prescriptions, but I see so much potential to heal people and reverse illnesses through a proper diet. Diet is so often the underlying problem for so many different health problems. I do not know that I honestly believe that even supplements can always provide the long lasting results of a lifestyle and diet change (granted it is difficult to make long-term lifestyle changes. Therefore counseling is often implemented into nutrition programs).

While a vegan diet may seem radical to some, there are so many testimonies from people who have survived cancer, fought heart disease, improved complicated digestion issues and so forth who have thrived off of this way of living.

I feel a great sense of power in my knowledge of health especially related to nutrition and an enthusiasm to learn more and earn recognition and credibility for the additional knowledge I gain in graduate school.

I dream of designing meal plans in impoverished schools and communities, counseling patients who must change their diet and lifestyle as a result of an illness, inspiring people to build a healthy relationship with food and a loving relationship with their body.

In finding balance in my own life, it is my greatest desire to give it back to those around me.

Author: Alicia Marie

Avid runner, lover of sunshine, adventurer, big dreamer, beginner vegan.

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