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A Sweet Start


I started my day with sweets! It was wonderful ūüôā The only change that could possibly have made my day sweeter was sunshine. I so dearly miss those warm golden rays during the winter. Fortunately, this hot cereal will help keep you feeling toasty and energized during these nippy, grey mornings.

I am trying to limit added sugar in my recipes by implementing foods that naturally have a punch of that seductive sweet flavor. For this recipe, I used dried cranberries. Rather than adding that spoonful of sugar into the oatmeal, I added a sprinkling of coconut, a few chocolate chips and a touch-like a teeny weeny drizzle of maple syrup.


Some things to feel good about when using this recipe:

Pumpkin Seeds contains many vitamins and minerals including zinc. Apparently many people are deficient in zinc and I am sad for them because zinc helps strengthen your bones and immune system!  Read more about the the importance of zinc here. 

Among other benefits, studies have shown that pumpkins seeds may also reduce arthritis symptoms, postpone or prevent metastasis (spread of cancer from one organ to another)  in breast cancer patients, alleviate prostate enlargement and thus reduce the risk and symptoms of prostate cancer.  (Source)

¬†Cranberries are most commonly known for their aid in ¬†urinary tract infection relief. In the same way that cranberries’ anti-adhesion¬†properties¬†attach to bacteria and stop bacteria from sticking to the cell walls that cause these urinary tract infections, cranberries anti-adhesion¬†properties¬†bind and kill the H. pylorie bacteria that help prevent stomach cancer and ulcers. Additionally, studies have also shown that cranberry consumption can delay and prevent tumor growth, keep your teeth clean by preventing plaque with its chemical compound proanthocyanidine, and reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. (Source 1) (Source 2)

Winter Sweet Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Oatmeal 

1/3 cup oatmeal

1/2 cup water or milk of choice

1 Tablespoon Pumpkin Seeds

1/4 cup Dried Cranberries

1/2 Tablespoon Chocolate Chips

Maple Syrup [A tiny drizzle ūüėČ ]

Shredded Coconut (sprinkled on top; unsweetened is preferable)

Author: Alicia Marie

Avid runner, lover of sunshine, adventurer, big dreamer, beginner vegan.

2 thoughts on “A Sweet Start

  1. I love your recipes!

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