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Hawaiian Sunrise Juice(ie)s & Local Lovin’

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In light of blissful summer sunshine and my upcoming trip to Maui Hawaii I present the perfect summer refreshment!

The Hawaiian Sunrise Juice(ie)

1 Navel Orange

2 Small Carrots (or 6 large strawberries if you’re making this for breakfast or to feed your sugar craving)

4-5 Stalks of Rhubarb

Hawaiian Sunrise Juice

Sunrise look alike am I right?!

Hawaiian Sunrise Juice

I bought the Rhubarb from a Farmer’s Market. It was far less expensive as it is in season and local. There was a greater selection of rhubarb and the stalks were much larger than the stalks of rhubarb I saw at the grocery store.

Benefits of Buying Local/Farmers Markets

*You are supporting your local economy. It was calculated that if only 20% of food spending was shifted towards local suppliers an incredible billion dollars would be accumulated annually in the Central Puget Sound region and that King County alone would earn half a billion dollars each year. (1)

*You are buying produce you can trust-fresh and in season (This translates to extra tasty my friends)

*Buying local reduces your carbon foot print. Did you know that the standard American meal consists of food from a minimum of five different countries? Or that on average produce in America travels 1,500 miles before it reaches our kitchen? Transporting produce great distances creates pollution that contributes to greenhouse gases. (2)

*Buying local is usually less expensive. Food that has travelled a shorter distance doesn’t require a spike in pricing to compensate for gas money.You can often find organic products without breaking your bank account. (2)

Benefits of Buying Local/Farmers Markets

Best, Elizabeth. “Good Intentions Always In Season At Farmers Markets.” Pacific Standard Magazine. Pacific Standard, 2010. Web. 20 March 2010. (1)

“Sustainable Sammamish 2013.” Sammamish Farmers Market. City of Sammamish, 2013. Web. July 2013. (2)

Author: Alicia Marie

Avid runner, lover of sunshine, adventurer, big dreamer, beginner vegan.

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