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Blog Makeover: Wellness Connection

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I started this blog two years ago to rekindle my love of writing by connecting with the online world about my passion for nutrition and overall wellbeing. What began as a place for me to share my recipes and experiences transitioning to a plant-based diet became a way for me to inspire people to ask more questions and take their health into their own hands—to own their lives completely.

The internet’s wealth of information is an opportunity for self-education. It is one of the most powerful tools for creating change on a global scale.

In a time when I see many of my peers several years out of college struggling to find a sustainable job, where by law a business is considered a human being, where the government is profiting off an unsuspecting 18 year-old’s education, where racism is persisting and women’s rights are rejected in soon to be 2015, the internet is our best chance for creating rapid, widespread change.

I changed my blog name to Wellness Connection and created a Facebook page to complement the current events, research and positive affirmations I post regularly on my site.

I want to motivate you to do the same. Whether you use your voice to write about sports, fashion or heaven forbid turkey eating and Chihuahuas, I encourage you to dive deeper into what you love, use it as opportunity to learn and speak up for what you believe in.


Alicia Marie Health Blog

Author: Alicia Marie

Avid runner, lover of sunshine, adventurer, big dreamer, beginner vegan.

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