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Tips and Tricks to Healthy Travel

  1.    Happycow.net will give you a quick list of veg-friendly, vegetarian, and vegan restaurants at any given location. I want to give a big squeeze to the genius who invented that site. (There is also an app for $2.99)
  2.   Scope out menus online first.
  3.   Don’t be afraid to ask if there is dairy (or any animal products). You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. I sure did! Ono Gelato in Maui has several vegan flavors. When I started inquiring to the woman scooping gelato “This might be a weird question…but is there dairy in all of your gelato flavors?” She said “No there isn’t, not a weird question at all by the way” and went on to show me nine different options I had to choose from! And yes, one of those was chocolate! I went with the tasty creamy pina colada with real fruit chunks while Shane got a combination of Maui gold pineapple and lilikoi.Alicia Marie's Tips & Tricks to Healthy Traveling
  4.   Ditch your rental car. Travel on foot. The first four days of our trip, we did not have a rental car and walked everywhere. It was equivalent to going on a good run for some cardio which was great because my injury prevented me from jogging on all but one day.
  5.  Blogilates. Pilates is my favorite form of injury prevention and healing. It is also my favorite way to build a six pack fast. I remember training for cross country in college. I was running 5-6 miles consistently each day. I went to one pilates class for an hour and could not move or work out for the next three days. It will kick your butt and tone you up. You can count on Cassie Ho to keep you motivated and challenged on any given day. She was my go-to youtube college dorm and apartment workout. She just came out with an app that I used religiously in Maui. It is awesome because you can choose which part of your body you want to target.
  6. Scope out nearby health markets. They are multiplying like rabbits. Who would have guessed? There was an amazing health market a short three minutes from my condo. They made these delicious “Aloha Bars” that are actually almost identical to my A-Game Energy Bars. In this cute hippy town Paia, there was a gigantic one of a kind health market. An entire room consisted of bulk items as did a separate room for natural supplements and medicine. There was a hot bar and quite the selection of premade meals. The big downer was that the people who worked there were rude and seemed to dislike tourists.  I fit quite the tourist portrait with my hefty camera. I had one man practically ignore me when I asked where the restroom was located. Had they known I was a little health nut hoping to contribute to their profits with my love of unique vegan products, I should think they might have been a bit more amiable. Oh well 😦

Alicia Marie's Tips & Tricks to Healthy Traveling











7. Redefine Indulging and Do It Often. I consume fruit in two ways, as dessert and as breakfast. And sometimes dessert occurs more than once a day. I am a fruit fanatic. Ditch the ice cream, get some vegan gelato, a soy based protein smoothie, vegan froyo if you can find it. If you are traveling somewhere warm, let fruit be your biggest friend for your natural sugar fix.

Alicia Marie's Tips & Tricks to Healthy Traveling

8. Read Ingredients. I was fortunate enough to find a ginormous vegan oatmeal walnut cookie that was decently healthy! Organic cane sugar was the fifth ingredient followed by apple sauce. Typically recipes are ordered in the proportion of that ingredient. Therefore if organic cane sugar had been the first ingredient, I may not have selected this as my breakfast cookie two or three mornings in a row. But it was the fifth ingredient, alas I had a delicious breakfast cookie more than once.

Alicia Marie's Tips & Tricks to Healthy TravelingAlicia Marie's Tips & Tricks to Healthy Traveling

9. Careful with Airplane Food. Check out the ingredients on this snack. Is the color yellow edible to you? Personally, I would opt for avoiding airplane meals altogether. You can usually find a veggie dish at one of the airplane restaurants, oatmeal, salad, or fruit cups at Starbucks. And never fear because there is always a Starbucks.

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10. Relax. How many of us tell ourselves we are going to be bikini body ready in x amount of time. Congratulations if that works for you, but I am going to bet that for most people it does not. Our lives are crazy, overbooked, overwhelming in all respects. Hence the need for vacation. This is your time to indulge and relax. Find some love and self-acceptance to truly enjoy this gift to yourself. Struggling to do that? Hop in a yoga class. Make a habit of going for a morning walk to start your day off right and let go. Make any healthy habit to start your day off right and let go. Have a cup of tea. Watch a concert of your favorite band. Watch an inspiring Ted Talk. You are not going to get fat in ten days. You are not going to get completely out of shape in ten days. You can still feel good about your body and indulge in copious amounts of tasty treats at the same time.

These are tips that worked for me. I am sure there are many more ideas that would suit your lifestyle and eating habits wonderfully as well and I would love to hear them! 


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Aloha Maui Virgins!

Aloha Mauiiii Virginsss!-We were welcomed with enthusiasm by our round, happy Hawaiian shuttle driver. Driving was questionable and included talking, texting, showing pictures and giving history of the landscape often simultaneously. Pictures were of shark attacks and sunrises; the tour of a whale sculpture apparently resembling his wife. An interesting guy to say the least! If you prioritize money over safety “Trans Van” is your best option over a taxi from the airport and is $30 vs $50.

Upon arriving at our condo, I unpacked quickly so that Shane and I could fill our tummies and enjoy the beach across the street! What a view…not bad for youngins on a budget.

Travel on a Budget

Travel on a Budget

At one of Shane’s close friend’s recommendations we headed to Maui Tacos. It was maybe three minutes walking from our condo. No time was wasted making the decision. And we had no desire to find energy analyzing restaurant options regardless, thus it was a perfect destination for our first meal. We took it to go and enjoyed it by the ocean.


$6 for a jumbo sized burrito or a hearty taco salad. A mouthful of Shane’s food is always sacrificed to his better half and thus I can attest to the AMAZING enchilada sauce on his burrito! So many flavors and spices. They whip it up in under five and hand you a creation that will blow your mind. My taco salad had yummy seasoned potatoes and the black beans had some sort of brilliant chipotle flavor. We kept agreeing they should bring their goods to the mainland!


Following our dinner we walked down the beach and further downtown towards the bars in Kihei and indulged in Froyo from Tutti Frutti. I had the soy vegan cherry flavor topped with granola and fruit. Shane had some concoction of a fruit smoothie.

Immediately I found success with a plant based diet in paradise. I had been warned that there was fish, fruit, fish and nothing but fish! Nonsense! Over the span of my trip I indulged in plant based sushi, gelato, coconut based coffees, Mexican, Indian, Thai, Italian, and more.

Even on the airport there are options if you are willing to work with them. I sought out Starbucks for peppermint tea and a warm, filling cup of oatmeal with raisins and nuts to hold me over through the plane ride. Shane had a veggie noodle salad from a sushi stand.

We were off to a good start. Little did I know there was a local health market in our neighborhood and my soon to be daily smoothie/coffee stand as well! Food, freedom, boyfriend, beach. Awww yeah 🙂

How do you stay healthy while leaving PLENTY of room to indulge while traveling? Lots of personal tips coming up in the next post-would love to hear yours too!

Plant Based Travel Tips